About Knox County Landmarks Foundation


The Knox County Landmarks Foundation (KCLF) was created as the Knox County Renaissance Foundation in 1988 to encourage and promote the preservation and development of Knox County’s historic, cultural, and architectural heritage. It is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation governed by a Board of Directors and open to anyone willing to contribute time, talent, enthusiasm, resources, experience, ideas or creativity to our mission.


In recent years KCLF has taken on the role of the public’s voice speaking for preservation rather than demolition of public buildings and works as a means of promoting historical tourism in the county. We see the “bottom line” in a longer perspective. The organization is a firm believer in keeping history alive.



Our Mission


The goal of the KCLF is to preserve, promote, and protect Knox county's rich historic legacy through restoration, recognition, and awareness.



Our History


In its beginnings, KCRF (now KCLF) pioneered the establishment of the Knox County Visitor’s Bureau, developed and ran the Dan Emmett Music & Arts Festival, and initiated the restoration of the 1851 Woodward Opera House. We have sponsored numerous Historical Tours since and have established ourselves as a protector of Knox County's historical legacy.




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