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We Own A Lustron House!

Lustron Houses are all metal houses made in Whitehall, Ohio following World War II. This innovative home design used porcelain coated surplus steel to create an affordable home to meet the post-war housing shortage. The house came in three model and four colors to choose from. It came disassembled on a truck in 3,300 pieces with a 1,000 page instruction manual. Usually, they took about 2 weeks to put together. Unfortunately, the company did not last long. Only about 2,500 were produced nationwide. Our model is number 2526 and is the last of three Lustrons built in Knox County. There are only about 1,000 left across the country today. We hope to move the house near Ariel-Foundation Park, refurbish it and open it to the public as exhibit space. 

For more information on Lustrons, watch the video below:

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