Reinvesting in Historic Homes Update Program

ReHHUP is a volunteer-driven, community initiative designed to induce homeowners in the near-east side neighborhood of Mount Vernon in order to update and improve the historic facades of their homes. The program will partially-fund exterior repairs, maintenance or improvements that enhance the overall design integrity and appearance of the neighborhood.


Who is Eligible?

Any owner-occupied home in the designated program area is eligible to apply for the grant. Home need only be in the designated area. They do not have to be particularly historic or notable.


What Work is Eligible?

The program covers only exterior work that enhances the overall appearance and historic character of the neighborhood. Generally, any work that is visible from the street can be covered by ReHUPP.


Specifically, the program will cover:

  • Exterior Painting

  • Significant landscaping improvement that enhances the house's street presence.

  • Noticeably enhanced exterior lighting

  • Modifications to front entry systems, windows, and doors

  • New or restored facade elements - Cornices, corbels, soffits, etc. 

  • Routine repair

  • Street visible roof improvements, replacement

  • Decorative fencing


Other work specific details:

  • Work must be completed within 24 months of application approval

  • Work can be completed by homeowners but must be bid by a licensed contractor

  • Work must be in compliance with City codes and building permit processes



How does the Financing Work?

The award will be a one-time, up-front cash payment based on total project costs. ReHUPP is a 1/3 grant, 1/3 loan, 1/3 property owner paid program.


Financing Specifics:

  • The maximum award will be $10,000 or 2/3 of the lowest contractor bid

  • Loans will be 0% interest paid back quarterly over 3 years


How do I Apply?

Rolling applications are evaluated on a first-come first-served basis. To begin the application process complete the form below and a ReHHUP representative will be in contact about the next steps.
















Applications will be evaluated based on:

  • Current state of the property

  • Proposed changes addition to neighborhood character & charm

  • Ability of the applicant to complete the project and repay funds


Will the Landmarks Foundation help me with my project?

YES! KCLF has partnered with Neighborhood Design Center, a non-profit design consulting firm. NDC can help you navigate the program and provide advice on any aspect of design, like landscaping, historical features and architecture. NDC's services are free to the applicant and are encouraged by KCLF.

ReHUPP Area Map

For questions and/or help with the application process please contact:

Christina Hambleton




ReHUPP Materials:

Download Brochure

Download Terms & Conditions

Download Application

Personal Financial Statement

Neighborhood Design Center Improvement Catalog

Neighborhood Design Center

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